News - 2018, Week 20

Sunday20th May 2018

  • News Onrush PS4 Open Beta Extended by Two Days

    New tracks added too

    The open beta test for Onrush, the arcade racer with no proper races in it, has been stampeding along over the weekend, giving players the chance to get to grips with the game's unique brand of team-based vehicular action. If you're enjoying it, or if you've not yet had a chance to jump in, good news -- the beta has been...

  • News Best Buy Locks Up Popular Gamers Club Initiative

    No more deep discounts on new games

    All good things must come to an end, and for fans of Best Buy’s popular Gamers Club Unlocked, this particular news will be tough to swallow. Many enjoyed the annual subscription for the 20 per cent discounts it offered on brand new games, but it was clearly putting the company out of pocket, because it’s been...

Saturday19th May 2018

Friday18th May 2018

Saturday19th May 2018

Friday18th May 2018

  • Poll What Do You Think of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4?


    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 got blown wide open earlier this week thanks to the game's big reveal event. The show covered just about everything that's going to be in this year's release, from the usual competitive multiplayer to zombies and, of course, a battle royale mode. If you're not up to speed, you can read all about it by clicking through...

  • News Oh God, Devolver Digital's Doing Another E3 Press Conference

    There will be blood (probably)

    So, Devolver Digital's hosting another E3 "press conference" next month. Last year, the indie mega publisher streamed an insane presser parody, complete with psychotic CEOs and exploding heads. No, seriously. Anyway, the company's "big fancy press conference" kicks off on the 10th June at 20:00 Pacific. That's 04:00...

  • News No Man's Sky NEXT Update Introduces Multiplayer, Launches in July

    Lift off

    Earlier this week, the Xbox One box art for No Man's Sky gave us a huge clue that the NEXT update might include multiplayer. After appearing on Microsoft's Inside Xbox show, Sean Murray has confirmed that multiplayer is indeed heading to the procedurally generated universe when the update arrives on 24th July. Murray describes No Man's...

  • News Dragon Ball FighterZ Party Battle Mode Explained

    Kicks off today

    Starting today and lasting until the 21st May, Dragon Ball FighterZ players can dive into the game's newly added Party Battle mode. In Party Battle, you'll team up with two other players in order to bring down a powerful opponent -- and in this case, you're going up against Frieza. Finding victory grants you premium Z coins as...

  • News Moody Action RPG Vampyr Goes Gold Ahead of Release Next Month

    Bloody great

    Hooray, Vampyr has gone gold! It feels like we've been writing about Dontnod Entertainment's project for an eternity (it's been more than three years, actually), but the action role-playing game is finally ready to sink its fangs into PlayStation 4 next month. Indeed, the title isn't far away at all, set to hit store shelves on the 5th...

  • News Yoshimitsu Has an Amazing Design in SoulCalibur VI

    Tekken's weird warrior confirmed

    Yoshimitsu is back to wreak havoc in SoulCalibur VI, the game's latest character trailer reveals. The weird but always wonderful warrior's once again taking a break from Tekken so that he can put his blades to slightly better use, and we must say, we're absolutely loving his fresh design. Are you a Yoshimitsu fan?...

  • News You've Got a Friend in Kingdom Hearts III

    New gameplay footage of anticipated RPG

    The embargo has lifted on hotly anticipated threequel Kingdom Hearts III, and a bunch of brand new PlayStation 4 gameplay footage has dropped as a result. You’ll find two direct feed clips in this article, showing Sora sprinting up a cliff-face with his Disney friends, before he battles the Heartless in a...

  • News Sony Will Still Make Physical PS Vita Games in Japan

    Vita means life

    Earlier this week, it was reported that Sony will stop manufacturing PlayStation Vita game cartridges in the future. However, a new story originating from Japanese site GameSpark indicates that not all territories will be following suit -- SIE Japan will continue to produce physical games for the handheld. Translated by

  • Indie Bin Fox n Forests, Hyper Sentinel, Reverie

    Also: Drunkn Bar Fight and ACCOUNTING+

    From the embers of the Push Square Podcast rises Indie Bin – a feature that draws attention to some of the smaller games in PlayStation's busy release schedule. Once the Indie Bin is full, we'll put it out for collection in these consolidated articles featuring several pint-sized reviews. The metric here...

Thursday17th May 2018

  • News PS4 Firmware Update 5.55 is Available to Download Now

    High five

    That's right, the time has come once again to update your PS4's system software. Firmware update 5.55 is now ready and waiting to be installed on your console, weighing in at around 460MB. The update "improves system performance", as you might have been expecting. We've not noticed any other additions since installing the patch, so it...

  • News Shenmue III Looks Like It's Going to Need Every Minute of That Delay

    And probably more

    Shenmue III was delayed recently, and by the grace of the Phoenix Mirror it looks like it needs it. The title just doesn’t seem to be coming together at all: new footage (skip to 2:15 in the embedded video) shows an improvement to Shenhua’s character model, but protagonist Ryo Hazuki and the rest of the cast still look...

Friday18th May 2018

  • News Watch Deacon Take on the Horde in New Days Gone PS4 Gameplay

    Don't panic

    Sony debuted Days Gone at E3 2016 with an impressive gameplay demo that showed protagonist Deacon running for his life from a massive wave of Freakers. As part of Game Informer's ongoing coverage of the PS4 exclusive, a few of the staff took turns at attempting to take down a horde of 300 enemies. It's an entertaining watch, and it...

Thursday17th May 2018

Wednesday16th May 2018

  • News The Witcher 3 Patch 1.62 Makes Further PS4 Pro Enhancements

    It never ends

    We're never going to stop writing about The Witcher 3, are we? In what is surely the game's final PlayStation 4 patch (we've said that at least twice now), developer CD Projekt Red has further enhanced the title's performance on PS4 Pro. According to the Polish studio, update 1.62 increases draw distance for foliage, making...

  • Guide The Best 1080p & 4K Projectors for PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro

    Get the ultimate big-screen thrills

    We recently rounded up the best 4K TVs for your PS4 Pro and there were some amazing bargains, even on the larger sized screens. But if you find 65" just isn't cutting it for you, then you might want to consider picking up a projector instead. Then you can really fill up that spare wall of yours, just be sure to...

  • Rumour No Man's Sky's Xbox One Box Art Hints at Multiplayer

    Some Men's Sky

    One of the biggest complaints lobbied at No Man's Sky is that it doesn't have the multiplayer one of the game's programmers, Sean Murray, suggested it would. If the below box art for the recently announced Xbox One version is to be believed, however, the feature could well be on the horizon. A little while back, Murray announced...

  • News Horizon Developer Guerrilla Games Recruiting for New Game

    A new Horizon

    Gee, wonder what this could be? Dutch developer Guerrilla Games has started a hiring spree, suggesting that its next project is decided and is about to enter full production. We wonder if it could be a sequel to the studio’s massively popular breakout hit, Horizon: Zero Dawn? The mind truly boggles. Perhaps a more interesting...

  • Poll Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament: Top 16 - Matches 115-116

    Ready? Fight!

    This is the thirtieth week of our Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament, and the first week of our top 16 matches. 128 characters enter, but only one will be crowned champion -- and you decide who that champion will be. If you want to know more about the Ultimate PlayStation Character Tournament, be sure to click...

  • News Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Numbers Fall Following Seriously Slow Week

    God of War closes in on 100k

    There's really not much to write about when it comes to the latest Japanese sales charts. A total lack of new releases made for an incredibly slow week, with hardware sales dropping across the board (not counting the Xbox One X shifting an astonishing 15 units more than it did last time out). PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro...

  • News Sony to Cease Production of Physical PS Vita Games

    The end is near

    In a message to developers, Sony has stated that it plans to stop producing PS Vita game cartridges, according to a report from Kotaku. The company says that this will happen by the end of the fiscal year 2018, which translates to 31st March 2019.  Sony also stipulates that all requests for Vita product codes be presented by...

  • News Shenmue III in Delay to 2019 Shocker

    Changed my mind

    Shenmue III was never coming out this year, but now publisher Deep Silver has confirmed. In an outstandingly brief statement, the firm said that the “extra time will be used to polish the quality of the game even further”. Considering the scant snippets of gameplay we’ve seen thus far have been barely polished at all, it’s...

  • News Battlefield V Reveal Will Be Livestreamed on 23rd May

    V for victory

    Battlefield V, the next instalment in the first-person franchise, will be revealed live on 23rd May. You’ll be able to tune in live from 13:00 PT, with comedian Trevor Noah taking on hosting duties. And that’s really the sum of what we know so far. Rumours recently suggested that Battlefield V may have a Battle Royale mode,...

  • News Slick Cyberpunk Bartending Sim VA-11 HALL-A Pours One Out on PS4

    Mix drinks and change lives

    Brilliant booze-‘em-up VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action will stagger to the PlayStation 4 in early 2019, following a PS Vita release late last year. For those out of the loop, the visual novel takes place in a dystopian future, where the drinks you mix will determine how the story progresses. It’s a superb...

  • News Metro Exodus Delayed into 2019

    But it'll be at E3

    THQ Nordic has stated in a financial report that Metro: Exodus, which was planned for a Q4 2018 release, will now be pushed back into Q1 2019. This is the latest in a string of major games moving away from this time period, presumably to avoid going up against Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption 2. The game's publisher, Deep Silver,...

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Monday14th May 2018

  • 26


    Review Conan Exiles


    Conan Exiles is surprisingly good. When we first learned about an open world survival game themed on the Conan universe, we were tempted to write it off as a cash grab. And that might have been the initial idea, but the result is not only a labour of love for the genre, but also the barbarian himself. Picture the scene: you're a...

  • News RAGE 2 Is Open World, Being Made by Just Cause and Mad Max Developer

    Of course

    So RAGE 2 is officially official, and we're getting a gameplay trailer tomorrow. But before we get stuck into that, Bethesda's own listing for the game reveals a decent amount about the project. For starters, it looks like the developer is Avalanche Studios -- the folks behind the Just Cause series and Mad Max. For whatever reason,...

Tuesday15th May 2018

  • Soapbox PS Vita's Longevity Has Been Quite Remarkable

    Lust for life

    Stardew Valley is coming to the PlayStation Vita next week and it reminded me that Sony’s handheld still lives a relatively vibrant life over six years since its initial release. The likeable handheld has been the foot of all kinds of jibes since day one, and often it’s been the manufacturer itself delivering the punchlines – but...

Monday14th May 2018