An embargo for a recent Fallout 76 event has lifted, and now, hours and hours of Xbox One X gameplay footage of Bethesda's online multiplayer offshoot are available to watch. We've embedded one such video above, but there's plenty more where that came from.

We probably shouldn't be too surprised to learn that it looks an awful lot like Fallout 4, only with more players onscreen in an online environment. Everything appears to be intact, including VATS, but we're not entirely convinced just yet. Players will be fighting for survival either alone or in groups, and it sounds like there's lots of opportunity for foul play. For example, if you attack and kill another player without them fighting back, you'll be labelled a murderer, and any other player, including your teammates, can claim a bounty for taking you down.

It seems like it should be a multiplayer add-on to the previous game rather than a full-blown release, as aside from the novelty of playing Fallout with other people online, it looks a little lacklustre to us. From a technical standpoint, it looks very rough around the edges, and this is coming from the most powerful console on the market.

We'll reserve judgement until the final game is here, of course, but this new footage doesn't fill us with confidence. What do you think of Fallout 76? Have a watch of some gameplay and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.