red dead redemption 2 file size ps4

Yes, Red Dead Redemption 2's file size is absolutely huge, and yes, it's now been confirmed by Rockstar. Over on the game's official support page, both the disc install size and the download size are right there in black and white. Best start clearing off your hard drive, folks.

On PlayStation 4, the disc installation is going to set you back 99GB, and it's the same size digitally, although for the latter, you'll also need an extra 50GB free so that the installation process can take place.

So yeah, Red Dead 2 is about 100GB, making it, to our knowledge, one of the largest titles available on Sony's system. And with updates and Red Dead Redemption Online still to come, it's probably only going to get bigger.

Have you got enough room for this one? Tell us what's getting deleted in the comments section below.