Media Molecule has a unique reputation as a studio focused on creative gaming, and with Dreams, the developer is looking to dial everything up to 11. In the above video, studio head Siobhan Reddy and the game's creative director Mark Healey are asked why the team wanted to make something like Dreams, and the answer is about what you'd expect.

"It felt like the natural progression to me, from LittleBigPlanet," Says Healey, remembering the success of Sackboy and the millions of creations made by the community. He also goes on to tell the story of his own experiences growing up, playing but also programming games on the Commodore 64. "It was a computer with a keyboard, and you could buy games for it, but you could also program. You could make things straight away. And then when consoles became the more prominent thing, I got my PSone and thought, 'How do I make a game for this?' It suddenly felt like this thing that had been locked off from me." He wants PS4 players to be able to have a similar experience with Dreams by providing the tools necessary for people to create their own experiences.

From what we've seen of it, the game is looking to deliver on that vision. The variety Media Molecule has been able to display from its announcement to now is frankly staggering. When that elusive beta does hit, we can only imagine the sort of things people are going to make. It's going to be really exciting.