European Commission PS4 PlayStation 4 1

You may have seen the European Commission’s logo during the loading screen of several games, and that’s because it makes contributions to various indie developers in order to help get their projects off the ground. As part of a new document which details the dozens of releases it will be co-financing in the future, the institution has actually revealed several unannounced titles.

For example, Finnish studio FrozenByte appears to be working on Trine 4, while Swedish developer Zoink Games is busy beavering away on a project called Roll Them Bones. Elsewhere, the Spanish studio behind RiME is making something called LumberJack, while there appears to be an Earthlock 2 in production at SnowCastle Games.

Hilariously, there are at least two British titles in the roster, but we suppose technically the UK hasn’t left the EU at the time of typing. Anyway, let’s not get into the politics of it all – you can view all 30 projects that the European Commission will be supporting through here. Borders! Brussels! Boris! Blah! Blah! Blah!