Firing up Overcooked 2's new Surf 'n' Turf DLC, we had flashbacks to the almost unbearable heatwave endured by much of the UK back in the Summer. We at Push Square Towers were on our knees, desperately trying to keep cool and not let the heat get to us. With copious amounts of ice cream and good old fashioned British complaining, we managed to survive, but that doesn't necessarily work in Team 17's co-op cookery game.

Surf 'n' Turf introduces a sunny new set of levels to play through that add two Summer treats to Overcooked's recipe book. After the Onion King rattles off a typically silly setup as to why you're suddenly at a beachside resort, you and your buddies will quickly get to grips with making smoothies and shish kebabs. Neither are particularly difficult to prepare, but the latter does require one of the two brand new items that'll prevent fans from getting too comfortable.

Once your skewer of meat and vegetables is on the barbecue, you'll need to keep the coals hot by using bellows, otherwise your kebabs will take an age to cook. It's an extra step that makes the recipe that much more challenging to complete, and as we well know from two full games, the devilish level design has many ways of hindering your process, and many of Surf 'n' Turf's kitchens are very tricky indeed. It's probably best to finish Overcooked 2's main levels before tackling the DLC, as it doesn't hold back.

The other new item available to you is the water gun, a brilliant addition that's handy for putting out fires and washing dishes, but can also be used to push your fellow chefs around if you're feeling mischievous. It's a great touch that such a useful tool can also be used to mess with your friends -- in a game that requires constant communication, the temptation to knock another player off the stage with a squirt from the water gun provides the potential for hilarious disaster.

Aside from the 12 regular levels, which are also playable online and offline in Arcade mode, there are a couple of new competitive kitchens to try and a few new chefs to unlock. It's not a gigantic batch of new content, but for a few quid, you're getting a little more Overcooked 2, and as far as we're concerned, that can never be a bad thing.