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It’s now common knowledge that Telltale Games was working on an adaptation of Netflix’s Stranger Things, but with the studio gutted and the aforementioned project binned, footage is beginning to leak. PCGamesN found a bunch of short videos of early concepts, and you can find them through the link. Remember this is all extremely early, and has surfaced on sites like Reddit and 4chan, so could potentially still be fake. It’s unlikely, but remember those “screenshots” of The Wolf Among Us 2? Exactly.

The clips have an almost Life Is Strange aesthetic, as opposed to the comic book shading of the team’s more recent efforts. The eyes are terrifying, but you can see the genesis of a Telltale Games series here. Of course, with the studio now practically shuttered, its version will never come to fruition – although Netflix has said that it’ll begin looking for new studios to partner with on the project. What are your thoughts on all this? Would you have played a Stranger Things game? Visit the Upside Down in the comments section below.