Anthem Playable

ANTHEM has passed a significant development milestone, BioWare has revealed. Over on the official blog, GM Casey Hudson confirms that the game is fully playable in its alpha form. "Last week, the Anthem team passed its Alpha milestone – meaning that every part of the game is in, and functioning," he writes.

ANTHEM is still scheduled to release on the 22nd February next year, so the next five months or so will be spent polishing the game.

"It’s a ton of fun to play, and full of engaging character moments and storylines. But it’s also exciting to see people around the office (and at our partner studios) grouping together for adventures in this new world we’ve created. BioWare games have always been about capturing a shared experience – whether through a party of fictional characters or other players – and somehow the idea of players being immersed together in the universe of Anthem makes the setting seem even more real," Hudson continues.

It sounds like things are progressing smoothly over at BioWare then, but how's your ANTHEM hype holding up? Rocket jump and glide down into the comments section below.