News - September, 2018

TodayWed, 26th Sep 2018

  • News Sony Doubling Down on PSVR with 'Deeper Gaming' Experiences

    Shuhei Yoshida planning bigger projects

    Our view is that PlayStation VR is at its best when it’s doing something new, but not everyone agrees. Read any message board or comments section and you’ll see consumers demanding more “traditional” gaming experiences for the device, and Sony looks poised to deliver that moving forwards. Rather than...

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  • News Catherine: Full Body Is Packing More Than Any of Us Bargained On

    Persona 5 crossover DLC revealed

    Catherine: Full Body is shaping up to be quite the surprise package – in more ways than one. The re-release always promised to expand on the original’s story, but we weren’t expecting quite as much content as is teased in this new Japanese trailer, which hints at a wealth of previously unseen scenes. In many...

  • News Assassin's Creed Odyssey Is Finished and Ready for Release

    Ice gold, baby

    Wait, is this coming out soon? Good grief, there really is no let up, is there? Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has gone gold, which means that development is complete and the title is ready for manufacturing ahead of its 5th October release. “We hope you'll enjoy playing the game as much as we did developing it and can't wait to see...

  • News Spider-Man PS4 Stock Running Out in Japan

    Fans forced to go digital

    Media Create has expanded upon this week’s Japanese sales charts, revealing that Marvel’s Spider-Man has actually been selling out. The game sold through over 96 per cent of its original retail shipment in the region, forcing fans to turn to the PlayStation Store to snag digital copies of the superhero exclusive. For...

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    Review Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk

    Tractie-cal warfare

    Nippon Ichi’s latest release Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk is a first-person dungeon crawler where you play Tractie – that is, the Tractatus de Monstrum – a mysterious book with a soul trapped inside, able to communicate by filling out its pages. Tractie is under the control of a witch named Baba Yaga, or Dronya as...

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  • News One of Spider-Man PS4's Most Heartfelt Easter Eggs Has Turned Sour

    Don't worry, no spoilers ahead

    Back in May, Twitter user @topnotch1210, real name Tyler Schultz, tweeted out to Insomniac Games in the hopes that the studio would include a small easter egg for him inside Marvel's Spider-Man that would allow him to propose to his girlfriend. After some back and forth, it was agreed that the words "Madison, will...

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    Review Punch Line

    Surprisingly not pants

    Before we started playing Punch Line we weren’t really sure what to expect. All we’d heard about the game was that if the main protagonist looks at a lady's undies twice then the world would end. Yup, the set-up sounds completely bonkers and we were fully expecting the game to be mostly fan service, with a bunch of cheap...

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  • News Devil May Cry 5 Opening Scenes Leaked

    Early spoilers are out there

    It's not even near its release date and leaked Devil May Cry 5 scenes are already loose on the internet. While the original recording of said scenes has been taken down, this didn't stop speedy users reposting the video around the web. Via Rezoura's YouTube channel, the video showcases some...

  • News Hellpoint Brings Sci-Fi Souls to PS4 in 2019

    You asked for it

    It's the mishmash that fans have been clamouring for for years now, and it looks like developer Cradle Games is finally set to deliver on that potential. Hellpoint is a Souls-like that takes place in a sci-fi setting aboard a supposedly deserted space station, and it's due for release on PlayStation 4 in 2019. The experience is set...

  • News Cervantes and Raphael Leaked for SoulCalibur VI

    Arr, we've got a leak

    Whoops! Two more SoulCalibur VI characters have been leaked ahead of their official reveal. Mainstay baddie Cervantes and sinister swordsman Raphael were actually playable at a recent event, meaning that someone at Bandai Namco has made a huge mistake. Footage of said fighters has been removed from around the 'net, but you can...

  • News Cyberpunk 2077 to Have Photo Mode

    Capture the moments of tomorrow

    Time to polish those photography skills, as not only our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will be roaming the streets with a trusty camera. Recently, a fan on Twitter asked the masterminds behind Cyberpunk 2077 whether there will be "chances to see a third person view option, just to make amazing...

Saturday1st Sep 2018