Far Cry 5 Ubisoft PS4 PlayStation 4 PlayStation Store Sales

Got some spare cash burning a hole in your pocket? Missed out on any of Ubisoft's big titles on PS4? Good news: the publisher's catalogue of current gen games is currently on offer on the North American PS Store, and all the games you'd expect are available at reduced prices.

You've got your Assassin's Creed Origins, your Rainbow Six: Siege, your Far Cry 5, and many more besides. It seems that most of Ubi's games are included, as it ranges from the publisher's bigger games to things like Valiant Hearts: The Great War and PSVR's Eagle Flight. If you're looking to fill a gap in your collection, it could be worth a look.

See anything you like? Let us know if you pick anything up in the comments below.

[via store.playstation.com]