Hover: Revolt of Gamers takes the arcade roller-skate arcade action of Jet Set Radio into the online realm, and it’s dropping beats from 18th September. With a soundtrack featuring the input of Hideki Naganuma, the title drops you into a seamless multiplayer world and sets you free, although you can choose to play offline if you prefer. It sounds a little bit like Steep, where the world is open for you to parkour around, but there will be challenges and mini-games to complete. There'll be cross-play between the PS4 and PC versions.

“We’ve put an emphasis on the free-running mechanics of the game to ensure that every jump, wall-jump, and grind feels unrestricted,” wrote Fusty Games programmer Pierre Raffali. “We made sure to keep in mind the arcade style of gameplay that the Dreamcast-PS2 era brought for which we have always been nostalgic about.” The title will cost $24.99 at launch, and it may be worth it for the soundtrack alone if the snippet in the trailer is anything to go by.

[via blog.us.playstation.com]