Transhumanism is the theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, and that belief is what developer Daedalic Entertainment is attempting to explore in its latest title, State of Mind, when it releases next month on 15th August.

Pitched as a thriller set in two different realities from the perspective of six characters, it's clear that the game has lofty ambitions. Taking to the PlayStation Blog, creative lead Martin Ganteföhr describes the game as an experience powered by a complex and fragmented story. "State of Mind’s lead is Richard Nolan; a journalist, family father, and technology critic, whose life has begun to fall to pieces. His memories are starting to shatter, his wife and child have disappeared, and almost all of the certainties in his life have faded away. The big question is, what has happened?"

Ganteföhr continues: "Naturally, Richard sets out to uncover what is going on underneath the surface of this sullen and suspicious city. Along his journey, Richard will discover the crack that not only bleeds through his own life, but also through to another world where he finds he’s mysteriously connected with a second protagonist: Adam Newman."

Thanks to its compelling premise and intriguing artstyle, you can consider us absolutely fascinated by this one. Do you share our enthusiasm? Leave your body behind in the comments below.