We've known about the massive NEXT update for No Man's Sky for a while now, but the launch is nearly upon us. On 24th July, you'll finally be able to explore the game's unfathomably large space sim with your friends, and Hello Games has released a trailer to get you in the mood.

No Man's Sky's main man, Sean Murray, took to the PlayStation Blog to go into detail on some of the finer points highlighted in the video. It sounds like you'll be able to team up with friends or strangers, and can help or hinder other players. NEXT also brings a visual overhaul to the game, allowing for third or first person, more detailed environments, and wider variety - including ringed planets.

You'll also be able to build bases wherever you like, and command a fleet of frigates from the bridge of your freighter. It sounds like a mammoth update, and what's more, it's entirely free. Check out the PlayStation Blog for more details.

Will you be jumping back into No Man's Sky for the NEXT content? Prepare for launch in the comments below.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]