It won the E3 2018 Best Action Game award, so here’s 20 minutes of ANTHEM to feas—uh, sorry, just fighting to keep our eyes open. Yes, the big new game from BioWare in all of its flashy, multi-million dollar glory is here. Watch the video for classes, matchmaking, loot, and bosses with health bars bigger than foot-long Subway sandwiches.

Insufferable snark aside, there are a few things to like here: the visuals are stunning, the flight-based traversal looks cool, and… Err. It reminds us of those third-person Transformers games that Activision put out last generation, although obviously the enemy encounters are much better and the world has a lot more scale to it. The combat seems similar, though.

Anyway, have a watch of the video if you want to see the overall game flow and learn a little more about some of the options you’re going to have. Evidently this isn’t your humble host’s cup of tea, but titles like Destiny and The Division are big business, so we’ve no doubt this will find its audience somewhere. Yeesh.