You know it’s the week after E3 2018 when you’re forced to fill your article quota with a game named Shikhondo: Soul Eater – but here we are. Actually, this does look cool if you’re into scrolling shooters: it’s a bullet hell game coming out of Korea. The art’s really good, and it’s all been inspired by Korean mythology, so one of the bosses is a tiger with a woman attached to its jaw. Mental.

“There are six game modes in Shikhondo, including Arcade, Boss Rush, Hardcore, and a new two-player local co-op mode added for the PS4 version. I think the most special mode, though, is Customization, which lets you change various settings of the game,” game designer Youngjin Ko wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

You should read the full PlayStation Blog post if you want to know a little more about the developer’s background and the inspirations behind the game – it’s a good one. Otherwise, check out the trailer embedded above, and look for this launching digitally on the PlayStation Store and physically exclusively from Play-Asia this summer. Good stuff.