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As part of Game Informer's current coverage of Sony Bend's 2019 PS4 exclusive, Days Gone, the publication has posted a new article highlighting some aspects of the game that differentiate it from other open world titles. There's a good amount of information to be found here, but perhaps most interesting is the fact that the developer is setting itself the tricky task of mixing Uncharted-esque storytelling into a big, sandbox action game.

Apparently, Days Gone puts more focus on the main path than other open world games, with the majority of missions and characters pushing forward with the story. Here's a quote from John Garvin, the game's writer and creative director: "Imagine if this were like Uncharted... A 20-hour game that is very linear and it has a bunch of setpieces and it goes from beginning to end. We wanted to try to have that, but have that in an open world."

The way Sony Bend hopes to achieve this is by splitting the narrative into three subplots that intertwine. You'll have protagonist Deacon St. John's backstory slowly revealing itself, but there will also be missions focusing on his relationship with his best friend Boozer. The third string concerns the National Emergency Response Organisation, a scientific group trying to learn more about the Freaker outbreak. "It's a classic novelistic technique... when the player starts getting bored with Boozer, boom, that's when this other thing's happening. And when they get bored with that, this other thing happens," Says Garvin.

It's an ambitious goal, but it sounds like it's heading in the right direction; Game Informer seems impressed by the production values and frequency of the title's storytelling moments. Check out the article here, which also goes into more detail about the game's difficulty, the importance of the motorbike, and more.

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