After a pretty lengthy beta period, Sony slipped out PlayStation 4 firmware update 5.50 today like flatulence in a busy lift. The silent but deadly system software update is packing some pretty powerful features, including a whole host of parental control options that should come in handy as the console covets a more casual audience. But what are the six features you simply need to know about? We’ve got you covered.

Main menu quick flick

One nifty feature in PS4 firmware update 5.50 that no one’s talking about is the ability to jump from the extreme left and right ends of the main menu using the L1 and R1 buttons. This means that, rather than scroll through your list of apps, you can instead jump between the PlayStation Store and the Library with a single button press. It’s a microscopic addition, but we’re all about these minor usability enhancements.

Remove items from your Library

Speaking of the Library, it’s now finally possible to hide items from the purchased portion of your PlayStation Store archives. This means that you can finally file away useless applications like old betas and alphas that may have long expired, as well as games and demos that you no longer plan to play. You can, of course, recover anything that you remove by pushing the Options button and accessing app purgatory.

Custom wallpapers via USB

You could already create custom wallpapers for your PS4 using images that you’d captured using the Share button. However, with the arrival of PS4 firmware update 5.50, you can now copy images from your computer to a USB stick and customise your console with photographs of friends, family, pets, or pop stars. Follow our full guide for a walkthrough on how to create custom PS4 wallpapers from USB.

Delete Notifications

What’s the point in a pretty backdrop when you’ve got about a billion Notifications cluttering up your console? This is one for the obsessive compulsive among you: it’s finally possible to bin all the activity updates and patch notices that have been stuck in your system tray for days. You can delete Notifications individually or in bulk, and if you’re as OCD as this author, you’ll be leaning on the latter option a lot.

PSVR icons

Games that support PlayStation VR will now show an icon next to them. While browsing through the PS4’s list of apps, you’ll find virtual reality titles have an extra symbol to demonstrate that they support the optional device. Again, it’s another minor quality of life improvement, but it’s one that should help you to better organise your PSVR games.

System-wide PS4 Pro supersampling

Okay, so this one has been widely publicised, but if you missed the memo it deserves repeating: PS4 Pro now comes with a system-wide supersampling option. If you’re not a regular Digital Foundry reader, this feature essentially forces games that run at a higher resolution to downscale on 1080p screens. The end result is cleaner image quality, though your mileage will of course vary depending on the game. You can find out how to enable system-wide supersampling for PS4 Pro through the link.

Have you found any other nifty features in PS4 firmware update 5.50? What are your favourite additions so far? Are you happy with the upgrade overall? Quick flick your way into the comments section below.