What’s the March 2018 PlayStation Plus lineup? And when will the March 2018 PS Plus update be revealed? As another month draws to a close, we’re here to answer all your burning PS+ speculation, and also share all the latest PS Plus rumours. Without further ado, then, let’s get into it.

When will March 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games be announced?

Just like last month, Sony’s going to leave it until the very last minute to reveal March 2018’s free PS Plus games. Assuming the company follows its usual schedule, then all should be officially announced on 28th February. Of course, don’t rule out a leak in the days prior; you’ll find all of the latest news here at Push Square.

When will March 2018’s free PS Plus games be available to download?

Typically, Sony makes the free PlayStation Plus games available to download on the first Tuesday in every month, so you should be able to bust through your bandwidth cap starting 6th March.

What are March 2018’s free PlayStation Plus games?

We don’t know yet, and there aren’t a whole lot of rumours swirling at the time of writing. Sony’s been very good in recent months at giving away high-profile “retail” titles, so we’re sure that trend will continue throughout 2018 and beyond. One thing worth noting is that bonus PlayStation VR title StarBlood Arena could be rotated, so virtual reality fans may have an additional title to look forward to.

Which free March 2018 PS Plus games do you want?

It’s the part of the article where we turn our attention to you: which free games do you want with your PlayStation Plus subscription in March 2018? We haven’t had a sports game for a while, so something like Super Mega Baseball might be nice ahead of the MLB season starting – especially if it’s complemented by something high-profile on the PS4. As for the potential PSVR bonus, we reckon PlayStation VR Worlds would be a good shout, as it’s no longer being bundled but is still a great showcase for what the headset can do.

What free March 2018 PlayStation Plus games do you want? Are you looking forward to next month’s lineup, or do you rarely even bother with the PS Plus freebies these days? Let us know in the comments section below.