Mitsurugi's been a part of SoulCalibur since the beginning, and he remains a fan favourite fighter. Unsurprisingly, the Japanese warrior returns in SoulCalibur VI, and this new trailer gives us a better idea of what he's all about with comments from producer Motohiro Okubo.

Obviously Mitsurugi draws inspiration from the samurai, and Bandai Namco's apparently doing its best to nail that style of swordplay in the game. What's more, Okubo baits us with a cheeky quote near the end, saying "[Mitsurugi's] quite young, isn't he? I hope that you're all excited and curious to find out what fate has in store for him." Interesting.

Is Mitsurugi your go-to character in SoulCalibur? Wipe that blood off your blade in the comments section below.