ps4 firmware 5.0.png

Sony's officially detailed the key features coming to PlayStation 4 via firmware 5.50, which rolls out in beta form today. To be totally honest, many of the tweaks equate to little more than small quality of life improvements, but there are a few points that are worth highlighting.

For starters, Supersampling Mode is confirmed. PS4 Pro users will be able to toggle this on and off, allowing for better image quality on standard HD televisions. This won't cover all games, but titles should generally appear sharper for those who don't own a high end display.

On top of that, we're getting Play Time Management, which basically lets you keep track of how long play sessions are lasting. The goal here is to give parents more control over the gaming habits of their kids, with options to set time limits and stuff like that.

What's more, the library's getting a couple of new filters so that you can find things a bit quicker alongside a new PlayStation Plus tab that lets you see all of the games that you've added via the subscription service. The option to hide apps is also going to be added, and the quick menu is getting a couple of slight adjustments. Oh, and with 5.50, you'll be able to delete notifications.

Last but not least, the upcoming firmware will let you import wallpapers via USB, which we suppose is quite handy if you've got a particular photograph or picture that you'd like as a backdrop.

It may not be the PS4's biggest or most important update, but does it sound good to you? Give us a high 5.50 in the comments section below.