The next big Assassin's Creed Origins update is set to deploy on PlayStation 4 tomorrow, the 20th February. Patch 1.3 adds the Discovery Tour to the game, allowing you to explore Egypt with no combat, quests, or story. In their place are a series of educational tours which go over everything from every day life to religious beliefs and the structure of the pyramids. We'll be checking it out in order to bring you some hands on impressions later this week.

Hardcore Origins players will perhaps get more out of the other main feature included in the update: New Game Plus. This gives you the option of playing through the whole title again with all of your levels, skills, and equipment intact. You can spy the full patch notes through here. The update weighs in at around 5.3GB.

Will you be trying out the Discovery Tour or New Game Plus? Raise your hood in the comments section below.