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After many years of waiting, Dynasty Warriors 9 is finally here -- but it's proved to be a divisive release. Critics appear torn on the title's open world and the new systems that it brings, but if there's one thing that we can surely all agree on, it's that the game runs like crap.

As mentioned in our review, the title suffers from a multitude of technical problems, from minor bugs and graphical glitches to broken quests and -- perhaps most notably -- a hugely inconsistent frame rate. Even on PS4 Pro, the game struggles to keep things steady, and we've heard horror stories from several standard PS4 players.

Fortunately, the latest update for Dynasty Warriors 9 promises to improve the frame rate across the board. It also adds in graphical settings for those who aren't playing on PS4 Pro. Hopefully patch 1.03 improves things rather dramatically.

Have you ran into my issues with Dynasty Warriors 9? Stay away from large crowds in the comments section below.