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    Review Gravel

    Vin Gravel

    Sorry to aggravate the aggregate heads, but Gravel isn’t actually about everyone’s favourite loose collection of rock fragments – sadly, it’s only a fun arcade racer. Coming from the motorheads at racing game specialists Milestone, Gravel focuses less on raw simulation and more on down-and-dirty off-road action, delivering an...

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    Review Moss

    Netflix and Quill

    Polyarc’s picturesque PlayStation VR platformer Moss is so lovely that you’ll want to snatch your duvet and snuggle up inside its fantasy world. A fairy tale starring the delightfully animated Quill, it reveals a pop-up book plot involving intrepid heroes and lush fantasy environments. Unfortunately, like so many virtual...

  • News The Witcher 3 PS4 HDR Patch Is Still Happening

    CD Projekt Red hasn't forgotten

    All the way back in December of last year, CD Projekt Red revealed that it would be releasing one more update for The Witcher 3 on PlayStation 4. Said patch would bring HDR support to the game, enhancing the experience for those who make use of HDR displays. However, we're now nearing the end of February 2018 and...

  • News Dragon Quest Builders 2 Multiplayer Options Being Explored by Square Enix

    Build 'em higher

    Dragon Quest Builders is a great little sandbox game, but its lack of co-op multiplayer has always been a popular criticism. However, with Dragon Quest Builders 2 currently in development, Square Enix is apparently in the process of exploring its multiplayer options. This is according to the latest issue of Famitsu, which...

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    Review Rad Rodgers

    Totally rad. Not

    Another week, another Kickstarter game makes the leap from PC to PlayStation 4. This time around it’s Rad Rodgers, a “spiritual successor” to those side scrolling platformers that graced the PC back in the nineties, such as Commander Keen and Jazz Jackrabbit. Nostalgia is definitely the main aim here, and for good or bad it...

  • News Capcom's Working on a Fix for Monster Hunter: World Decoration Crash

    Keep an eye on how many you have

    If you've been grinding out high rank missions in Monster Hunter: World, then you've likely collected quite a few decorations. Decorations come in the form of gems or jewels that you can slot into your weapons or armour, adding extra skills to your set. They're relatively rare and really quite useful. Anyway, some...

  • Reminder Monster Hunter: World's Horizon Crossover Event Starts Tomorrow

    The Proving

    We learned about the new Horizon: Zero Dawn event quest a little while back, but the time has finally arrived, hunters. Starting at midnight GMT tomorrow, you'll be able to earn Aloy's outfit and weapon by taking down a giant Anjanath in the Ancient Forest. One stipulation worth pointing out is you'll need to be Hunter Rank 11 to...

  • News Cyberpunk 2077 is 'Even More Ambitious' Than The Witcher 3


    As though we didn't know already, CD Projekt Red's CEO, Adam Kicinski has affirmed that the studio's next game, Cyberpunk 2077, is going to be a big one. Speaking at the Pareto Securities Gaming Seminar last week, Kicinski describes the game as more ambitious than the already vast and beloved The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. "Cyberpunk is our new...

  • News Overwatch's 27th Hero is Being Teased on Twitter

    Emre? Brigette? Jet Pack Cat?

    Over the past few days, the Overwatch Twitter has been sending out some very mysterious but interesting hints as to who or what the next playable character for the game could be. With a 26 strong roster of all sorts of heroes, there is a lot of speculation flying around about Overwatch's 27th. Last Friday was the first...

  • News Bethesda Softworks Was 2017's Best Publisher, According to Metacritic

    Rating by numbers

    Media score aggregate site Metacritic has unveiled some new statistics this week, revealing its list of publishers that performed the best in 2017. To calculate this, it's taken all of a publisher's games released last year and averaged their scores, and figured out the percentage of games that have received what Metacritic...

  • News Experience the Crisis on the Planet of the Apes with PSVR

    Monkey business

    https: the popular Hollywood property. The game will cast you as a prisoner, and you must “confront human aggression as you climb, jump, and shoot through the chaos of an apocalyptic world to escape with your fellow apes and return home to Caesar”. The title will release digitally on the PlayStation Store from

  • News ESRB Adding 'In-Game Purchases' Label to Games Following Loot Box Outcry

    Box to box

    Microtransactions and loot boxes have become an increasingly hot topic over the last... Well, for what feels like a very, very long time. Governments have had their say, gambling commissions have weighed in on the situation, and the internet's obviously been going ballistic. There's been a lot of noise, then, but has anything...

  • News Yoku's Island Express Mixes Pinball With Platforming on PS4 in 2018

    New trailer released

    Yoku's Island Express is an unusual title that's flying a little under the radar, but going by this new trailer, it's looking rather lovely. Published by Team 17, the game stars Yoku the dung beetle and has you delivering mail to the inhabitants of an open world location named Mokumana Island. Bet you've never played a game with...

Monday26th Feb 2018

  • News Unbelievable Breaking News: The Battlefield 2018 Reveal Trailer Is Underway

    Oh em gee

    Stop what you're doing right now and get hype because the reveal trailer for this year's Battlefield game is currently in production. Yooooo! The incredible news comes from DICE senior video and media director Randy Evans, who tweeted that the trailer is "underway". Can you believe it? We certainly can't. We couldn't even...

  • News Monster Hunter: World Official Guidebook Is Over 1,000 Pages Long

    Releasing in Japan next month

    Capcom's monster hit Monster Hunter: World is set to receive an official guidebook in Japan next month, and it follows the game's trend of being over the top. The A5 tome weighs in at an almighty 1,008 pages, which means it'll probably take you longer to read the book than to play the game. It's currently up for...

  • News Does Metal Gear Survive Include a Hidden Message for Hideo Kojima?

    Kojima Productions Forever

    If our review of Metal Gear Survive is anything to go by, fans aren’t exactly elated by this era of Tactical Espionage Action without Hideo Kojima at the helm. One thing that’s sure to get praise in the series’ latest instalment, however, is what appears to be a message to the auteur from director Yota Tsutsumizaki...

  • News You're Gonna Need a Lot of Space for That Yakuza 6 Demo on PS4

    It's bloody huge

    So, that Yakuza 6 demo is starting to appear on the PlayStation Store in various regions. Officially due out on the 27th February (that's tomorrow at the time of writing), you'll be able to carry over your progress from the demo into the full game, which is set to launch on the 17th April. There's just one small potential problem,...

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    Review Immortal Redneck

    I want my mummy

    Immortal Redneck is a roguelike first-person shooter/dungeon crawler in which you play as a redneck tourist, who has been mummified after an unfortunate accident. How did he survive the accident? Why has he been mummified? And why is he now trapped in this deserted desert? All his answers await him within the pyramids, and you must...

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    Review Past Cure

    Past caring

    Past Cure tells the story of an ex-soldier named Ian who is suffering from a bout of amnesia pertaining to a three year period in his life, after which he wound up with some extraordinary abilities. He, naturally, wants to know what happened to him in that time and why he can now do things that mere mortal men cannot, and with the help...

  • News Secret of Mana Patch Aims to Reduce Crashing on PS4

    It's no secret

    Square Enix has revealed that an update is in the works for Secret of Mana on PlayStation 4. The patch, which is due to release in early March, features a number of bug fixes and improvements, but perhaps most notably, the update promises to reduce the frequency of crashes. While it doesn't appear to be a widespread issue, we have...

  • News 'I Wish We Had More Time to Polish the Game Before Release' Says Kingdom Come Dev

    Doesn't view it as "AAA"

    It's no secret that despite getting a lot right, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is more than a bit buggy. The ambitious role-playing title has multiple patches incoming and developer Warhorse has been doing its best to keep on top of things, but in a situation like this, the question will always remain: shouldn't these issues...

  • News Gran Turismo Sport Adds Another 12 Cars This Week

    Free of charge again

    If you haven’t been following Gran Turismo Sport, you may be forgiven for not knowing that its post-release support has been spectacular. Polyphony Digital has been updating the title with unprecedented regularity, adding new cars and content free of charge. This week will see another of those, as 12 vehicles get added to the...

  • News UK Sales Charts: Metal Gear Survive Fortifies Its Position in the Top 10


    Despite an awful reputation among gamers, Metal Gear Survive has debuted at No.6 in the latest UK chart. It's possible that the bad press or simply the name 'Metal Gear' have spurred on sales. While this isn't the highest debut, it's likely higher than most people were expecting.  FIFA 18 maintains its place atop the chart...

  • News Josef Fares' A Way Out Has Gone Gold

    Way to go

    A Way Out, EA's upcoming co-op narrative adventure, has gone gold. The game's director, Josef Fares, took to Twitter to announce the game's status. If Josef Fares isn't ringing any bells, he's the mind behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. He also went viral during an intervi

  • News Shenmue III Celebrates MAGIC 2018 with Four New Screenshots

    Lan Di drama

    Fans were disappointed by Shenmue III’s presence at MAGIC 2018 in Monaco this weekend, as Ys Net opted to show an extended version of last year’s awkward Gamescom 2018 trailer instead of all-new footage. The developer did, however, release four new screenshots, which we’ve embedded in this article. The character models are...

Sunday25th Feb 2018

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    Review Metal Gear Survive

    Not just surviving, but thriving

    Arriving with very little fanfare from both its core franchise following and Konami itself, Metal Gear Survive is going to be judged unfairly thanks to the baggage of Hideo Kojima’s exit and what the Japanese publisher has become in recent years. This spin-off ditches what made the Metal Gear Solid series so...

  • Guide Metal Gear Survive - How to Manage Your Hunger and Thirst Effectively

    Keeping a balanced diet in Dite

    Surviving in the harsh and barren world of Dite is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the early game of Metal Gear Survive. With your resources at their lowest, you need to act quick if you're going to thrive in this alternate dimension. Here's how to keep yourself healthy and make the worries of your...

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  • News Spider-Man PS4 Toys Infiltrate Toy Fair 2018


    Spider-senses are tingling at Toy Fair 2018 in New York this weekend, as Hasbro is showing off some toys based upon Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4. These snaps captured by Marvel’s Ryan Penagos show off a plastic version of the popular web-slinger in his latest outfit, with Mr. Negative ominously...

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    Review Marooners

    Left alone

    Marooners is a party game that consists of a collection of mini-games thrown together to form a short, competitive title. Each game will only last a measly five minutes with up to four players local or six players online battling it out to be the last one standing in each mini-game. In arena mode you battle against your opponents,...

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  • News Crash Bandicoot to Score a New Game in 2019

    Activision has five year plan for platforming icon

    Crash Bandicoot is back. Last year’s excellent N. Sane Trilogy appeared to take even Activision by surprise, becoming one of the bigger success stories of 2017 with minimal marketing spend. And now a merchandising company in a European licensing manual has hinted that a new game is on the way...

  • News Donnie Yen Announces Sleeping Dogs Movie Role

    Clear the Wei

    After rumours early last year that a Sleeping Dogs movie was in the works, everyone's favourite Donnie Yen has recently announced on his Instagram page that he'll indeed be taking up the role of undercover officer Wei Shen. The acclaimed Hong Kong actor - who should be best known for his role in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, a film we'll...

Saturday3rd Feb 2018

  • News CounterSpy Servers Shutting Down 31st May

    Calling all Trophy hunters

    CounterSpy joined many people’s backlogs when it was a PS Plus game back in March 2015. If it’s been sat in there gathering digital dust then now might be a good time to bring it out to play. After 31st May the servers will be pulled so you’ll no longer be able to earn the “International Nemesis” trophy. If...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 205

    Brady bunch

    It’s the Super Bowl this weekend, and for anyone who doesn’t support the Patriots or the Eagles, that old Alien vs Predator slogan comes to mind: “Whoever wins, we lose.” But while the dreams of a Blake Bortles versus Case Keenum face-off must be left in the past, at least there’s a Justin Timberlake half-time show to look...

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