The weekend has arrived, which means a full slate of Premier League football and some pretty great NFL playoff games. Of course, it also means extra gaming time, and with a monstrous array of new releases around the corner, this may be the best opportunity for you to catch up on your backlog.

Sammy Barker, Editor

I’m never going to finish Yakuza 0 if I carry on playing it like I have been, so I’m going to try and focus on the story this weekend. It’s a shame because I’m really enjoying the side-content, and I’m starting to wish I would have binned Persona 5 and spent my Christmas break with Kazuma instead.

Robert Ramsey, Deputy Editor

It's the big beta weekend, so I'm planning on squeezing as much out of the Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT open betas as I possibly can. I'm really excited to give both games a try.

Stephen Tailby, Senior Staff Writer

I know I said I was going to make a start on Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition last week, but I actually mean it this time. Alongside it, I'll be sampling Dragon Ball FighterZ via this weekend's open beta. I know nothing about Dragon Ball, and I'm universally awful at fighting games, but it's free, so what the heck.

Gabriella Petty, Reviewer

This weekend I’m replaying one of my all-time favourite games from 2011: L.A, Noire. It’s crazy how many cases I still remember even though it was nearly seven years ago since I played them. Once I finish the campaign I’m going to spend some time picking up collectibles and exploring the city, hopefully so I can go Platinum again. It’s a game I can easily get lost in for hours on end, so... Adios social life for the time being!

Jacob Hull, Reviewer

There’s a steady order of Final Fantasy XIV in line for me this weekend as I work my way through the base game before reaching the expansions. The in-laws are also coming to visit this weekend, and if that wasn’t horrifying enough, my exceedingly slow playthrough of Resident Evil 7 in VR sure will be.

John McCormick, Reviewer

I'm currently having a blast playing Everybody's Golf which I got for Christmas courtesy of my lovely girlfriend. I'm having so much fun with it that I'm even considering going for the Platinum but after a quick perusal of the Trophy list I would imagine that I won't be having quite as much fun once I'm trying to get a hole in one on a par 5 course. No pain, no gain, though.

Liam Croft, Reviewer

I'll be finishing off my playthrough of L.A. Noire this weekend. I'm really enjoying it and I'd love a sequel in the future, but the chances of that happening are probably second to none. Besides that, I will be looking to start Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package.

Sam Brooke, Reviewer

It'll be Yakuza 0 for me this weekend, as I further explore a game that has me both startlingly confused and insanely interested in just how odd it is. Going from kneecapping gangsters to helping a performance artist go to the toilet to karaoke may sound like a jarring (and exhausting) time, but somehow Yakuza does it and more.

Victor Nowogurski, Moderator

So gaming wise I have a lot on my plate, not quite sure if I will get to all the games here but I am planning to get to the following. Switch-wise it will be Mighty Gunvolt Burst and Skyrim. While PS4-wise it will be Call of Duty: WWII, Diablo III, and River City Melee SP.

Pretty big WAYP this week, so let’s go for an equally big comments section. What are you playing this weekend? You know the drill.