PlayStation VR has a lot of games – honestly more than some of you may realise. But as evidenced at various Sony press conferences over the past 12 months, this train is just getting started, with the platform holder predicting that the peripheral’s software library will almost double in 2018. To be precise, it anticipates that the device will have around 280 games by the end of the year – up from its already impressive 150 tally.

Now before the comments come in, it’s worth noting that not every single one of these titles will be a blockbuster AAA exclusive – there’ll be plenty of smaller releases and even interactive experiences among them. But the key takeaway here is that the software’s not slowing down, and there should be plenty of reason to pick up a headset if you haven’t already. In fact, if you want to know a little more about what’s in the pipeline, check out our Upcoming PSVR Games guide for a full list.