Shenmue III will finally continue its search for Lan Di later this year – at least, that very much appears to be the plan. The title was originally scheduled to launch in 2017, but never looked like it was going to hit its ambitious ship date. However, Cedric Biscay – who fronts up Shibuya Productions, one of the many chefs in the long-awaited sequel’s convoluted kitchen – has reiterated that Ryo Hazuki will embark on his latest adventure in 2018.

Biscay also tantalisingly alluded to “many other surprises”, which has left the Shenmue fanbase licking their collective lips over some kind of HD remasters of the originals. Of course, it’d be down to SEGA to deal with those, as the legendary publisher still technically owns the rights to the franchise. That’s despite independent developer Ys Net leading production on Shenmue III, with support from Indian outfit Lakshya Digital and German publisher Deep Silver.

Confused yet? Yeah