God of War antihero Kratos must have put a gagging order on the latest game’s release date, because Sony is remaining tight-lipped about the title’s launch. However, hot on the heels of a PlayStation Store leak which pointed to a 22nd March release, a Portuguese retailer has plumped up for the exact same date. Suspicious.

Now it’s possible that the aforementioned shop simply picked up on the original PS Store rumours and adjusted its product listing accordingly, but there’s also a chance that Sony’s been secretly prepping retailers about the release date. We already know that the game’s art book is set to drop on 15th March, although 22nd March is a Thursday which is unusual for major launches.

Interestingly, if you think the platform holder’s leaving things late then it’s worth noting that God of War III’s release date wasn’t revealed until late January either, and that game eventually hit stores a few months later on 16th March. Personally, we’re not convinced the new God of War is coming out on 22nd March, but there’s unquestionably some smoke now.

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