Not content with aping the industry’s best card collecting and hero shooting gameplay, Hi-Rez Studios’ sponge series Paladins is now introducing a new mode: Battlegrounds. That’s right, Battlegrounds – you just know that the recently established PUBG Corp is going to love this one. Like it already adores Fortnite.

What is Paladins: Battlegrounds, then? Haha, don’t be dense. To be fair to the mode – which will launch this year as part of Paladins’ free-to-play client on the PlayStation 4 – it’s bringing a “hero” theme to the 100-player multiplayer matches you may be familiar with elsewhere. So it’s basically the product of PUBG and Overwatch kissing in a tree.

Speaking with DualShockers, studio prez Stew Chisam claimed the name has nothing to do with PUBG. “The naming choice was entirely unrelated to PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds,” the site summaries, “though [the company] first consulted with its attorneys (who gave it an all clear).”

Yep, complete coincidence.