What are the best PS4 games? We’ve compiled a list of twenty top PlayStation 4 titles for both new owners and veterans of the console. Whether you’ve owned your console from day one or you’re new to the family, these are the greatest Sony PS4 games that you absolutely must have in your library.

20: Ratchet & Clank

It's been a great generation for remakes so far, with Ratchet & Clank serving up a franchise Greatest Hits of sorts. Perhaps the best movie tie-in ever produced, Insomniac Games' latest returns to the plot of the series' PlayStation 2 original, putting a meta spin on a story that will be familiar to PlayStation fans the world over. Entertaining weapons and some of the best visuals seen on Sony's system so far make this a real blast – and its bargain price point means that you have no excuse not to add it to your collection.

19: Assassin's Creed Origins

For our money the best Assassin's Creed game on the market, Origins is the proud owner of one of the most impressive open worlds on PS4. Utterly stuffed with detail, the title's virtual recreation of Egypt is a sight to behold. From the sun-scorched pyramids to the tiled streets of Alexandria, it's simply a joy to explore and be a part of. A much improved combat system is the icing on the cake, and the game even manages to tell an intriguing story of love and loss.

18: What Remains of Edith Finch

Relinquishing the walking simulator crown from atop Gone Home’s tear-jerking bonce, What Remains of Edith Finch is a gothic fairy tale that’s both whimsical and macabre. Using unique gameplay mechanics to reveal the unfortunate tale of the Finch family tree, Giant Sparrow avoids the sophomore slump with an extraordinary effort that uses interactivity to put you inside the minds of its eclectic cast of characters.

17: Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

Rising from the ashes of the horribly flawed original, A Realm Reborn proves to be a fantastic fit on the PS4. Featuring a stunning world full of colourful characters, this is an MMO that's impossible to put down. Great group play combined with a brilliant player development system and a surprisingly good story make this one of the best Final Fantasy titles – even if it's not typically what we expect from the franchise.

16: Resogun

An amalgamation of PS3 smash Super Stardust HD and Williams Electronics' iconic Defender, Resogun finds Finnish developer Housemarque in typically fine form. Buttery smooth combat blends with retina wrecking visual effects to deliver arguably one of the greatest arcade experiences in over a decade. Save the last humans – again and again and again.

15: Yakuza 0

There's nothing quite like Yakuza 0 on PS4. A series prequel that takes place in 1988, this is a standalone story that offers a truly engrossing plot, which is absolutely packed with twists, turns, and brilliant characters. While the game's last-gen roots do show at times, the simple truth is that this is one of the best entries in the franchise, featuring a brutally crunchy combat system that's contrasted by a slew of intoxicating minigames, ranging from karaoke to underground catfighting. Kamurocho is one of PlayStation's most overlooked holiday destinations.

14: Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar's latest boasts a large cast of downright crazy characters, but its biggest star is Los Santos itself – a superbly crafted open world that's packed with stuff to see and do. Whether you're sunbathing on the beach or planning a daring bank heist, Grand Theft Auto V promises hours upon hours of expertly refined sandbox entertainment, all while being unashamedly adult in both its portrayal of violence and its dark humour.

13: Overwatch

Once again proving that it's a master of refining a simple concept into something spectacular, Blizzard knocks it out of the park with Overwatch – a colourful, incredibly addictive shooter that sports an eclectic cast of playable heroes. While the memorable characters rightly take much of the credit for the game's success, you can't overlook Overwatch's delightful approach to gameplay. It's accessible yet offers plenty of depth once you've adjusted to its rhythm, and its focus on team play means that every participant can feel loved.

12: Horizon: Zero Dawn

A role-playing game with action more fulfilling than most corridor shooters, Guerrilla Games’ heritage with first-person shooters means that Horizon: Zero Dawn’s sizeable quest list is one you’ll actually enjoy clearing. The real surprise here, though, is the richness of the post-apocalyptic world that protagonist Aloy inhabits; this is a science-fiction story set against a tribal backdrop, and it marries these incongruent themes masterfully. An incredible effort from the Dutch developer.

11: The Witness

The Witness masters the 'a-ha' gameplay loop like no other, serving up a puzzler so dazzlingly smart that it will turn your grey matter to mush. So much more than just drawing lines, Jonathan Blow's imaginative island adventure uses colour, light, and the environment itself to conjure up some of the cleverest conundrums this side of the Crystal Maze. While it demands patience and superhuman attention levels at times, the way that this title teaches you its many rules without uttering a single word is nothing short of inspirational.

10: The Last Guardian

Many games try, but few forge a relationship quite as special as the one between boy and bird in The Last Guardian. Not even mechanical shortcomings can impede legendary director Fumito Ueda's aim: to forge a connection to a fictional animal. Outstanding art direction, industry-leading animation, and some of the best set-pieces you'll find on PS4 help to elevate Trico's journey – but it's that overwhelming sense of companionship that is the game's single greatest accomplishment.

9: Inside

As with all of the best indie darlings, Playdead's haunting Inside seemed to come out of nowhere. Still, with the Danish developer behind Limbo at the helm, this interpretative adventure's impact shouldn't have come as much of a surprise. Macabre visuals paired with expertly designed puzzles make for a meaningful experience – one which will leave you asking questions long after you escape to the "outside".

8: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Perfectly clicking into place on the PS4, this loot heavy RPG is one of the most cohesive, polished releases on the system. Whether playing alone or with a group of buddies, the adventure simply never ends as you continuously power up your character with fresh gear and new abilities. It's this immensely rewarding gameplay loop that keeps you glued to the controller as you put thousands of demons, monsters, and ne'er-do-wells to the sword.

7: Rocket League

Supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered battle-cars take to the field in Rocket League, a chaotic clash of arcade racing and the beautiful game. Slick controls ensure that its simple premise scores with Messi-like precision, providing a multiplayer experience that's easy to pick-up but almost impossible to put down. Nifty netcode keeps you on the pitch as much as possible, while unlockables allow you to kit out your car with sombreros and other similarly silly garbs.

6: Persona 5

The best Japanese RPG on PS4, Persona 5 fuses a bunch of different systems together to create a truly engrossing experience. Whether you're spending quality time with your in-game pals or traversing the depth of a crazy mind dungeon, Atlus' masterpiece oozes style, confidence, and charisma. Brilliantly put together, it's a real pleasure to play, with the slickest turn-based combat system out there, mind-blowing art direction, and a superb soundtrack. Essential for fans of the genre.

5: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

A fitting end to PlayStation's finest franchise, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End spins a more mature yarn without losing any of the bombast that has defined the brand over the past decade. Naughty Dog proves yet again that its lightyears ahead of all other developers in the story-telling stakes, and while some slow pacing may put off adrenaline junkies, the Californian company deserves kudos for allowing its latest to breathe, building towards a crescendo that feels both final and fulfilling.

4: The Last of Us Remastered

The finest of feathers in Naughty Dog's well-groomed plume, The Last of Us Remastered is not just the best version of one of PlayStation's greatest ever games – it's arguably one of the most impressive releases of all time. An all-rounder that marries tense gameplay with compelling characterisation and sublime presentation, Joel and Ellie's cross-country escapade is as sombre as it is heart-warming.

3: Journey

There's nothing quite like Journey. A game that everyone should experience at least once, thegamecompany's emotional tale is shockingly cohesive, and is destined to provoke a different response from everyone that plays it. Its simplicity is its real strength, and it's a perfect example of how several brilliant ideas can fuse to form an uncompromising, definitive whole. Flawless visual and audio work help make the release feel effortlessly elegant, while its accessible controls mean that anyone can enjoy it.

2: Bloodborne

The spiritual successor to From Software's supremely popular Dark Souls property, Bloodborne fuses the lip-smackingly satisfying combat of its predecessors with a frighteningly fast pace, resulting in the most intense action on the PS4. Harrowing Lovecraftian-like fiends and larger-than-life bosses vie for the attention of your Saw Blade, as the dingy districts of Yharnam intertwine. A steep difficulty curve can make this occasionally putrid escapade appear off-putting, but soldier through the skin and sinew and you'll find a bloodbath worth submerging in.

1: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red's open world adventure is superb from start to finish. Featuring a cast of brilliantly realised personalities, the story drags you from one emotion to the next as you navigate through a brutal world full of war, poverty, and big old monsters. Player choice plays a huge part in making the experience a personal one, as you control the plot's outcome and forge main character Geralt's outlook on a land that's perpetually gripped in misfortune. What's more, it boasts two of the greatest expansions to ever grace a video game. Mature, gorgeous, and gigantic, Wild Hunt is a masterpiece.

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