And here it is, the highly anticipated developer blog post from Bungie, supposedly detailing the future of Destiny 2. The shooter's been under a lot of fire over the last few months, and as you'd expect, the developer is quite keen to win back some good will. The question is: will this single post be enough to kickstart some positivity throughout the title's community?

To be fair to the studio, it's a big post. The bottom line is that Bungie is currently working on a lot stuff, and a good amount of that stuff is apparently coming soon. It'd take ages to relay every point in this news article, so we're just going to quickly go over the most important points.

First off, Bungie wants to make content availability a lot more clear so that players are always aware of what they have access to and what they don't. Below is a quick breakdown from the studio.

Next on the agenda, the Eververse -- Destiny 2's microtransaction store -- is getting reworked. It's nothing too dramatic -- it seems as though its overall purpose won't be changing -- but the developer says that it wants to make the Eververse less intrusive overall. Eververse exclusive rewards are being adjusted pretty much across the board so that things don't feel as stingy, and loot like ghosts, sparrows, and other items are going to be obtainable through activities. It's about time.

Past that, Guardians can look forward to masterwork armour as well as the currently available masterwork weapons. Raid gear is also being tweaked so that it's more "interesting".

Meanwhile, a planned February update promises a bunch of things like score tracking in Strikes, and a completely reworked mods system that aims to give them more importance.

Beyond that, the competitive Crucible is getting ranks, giving players new goals to work towards. Private matches are also happening, and perhaps most importantly, Bungie is reintroducing six-on-six multiplayer playlists -- just like in the original Destiny. Much better.

And that's about it for the big points. You can find the rest by clicking through to the official post.

So, like what you see? Did you expect more, or do you think this is a real step in the right direction? Feed us your thoughts in the comments section below.