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  • News 2018 Will Be a 'Big Year' for Final Fantasy, Says Square Enix Boss, Teasing New Games

    More Noctis?

    Shinji 'Please Be Excited' Hashimoto has stated that 2018 will prove to be "a big year for Final Fantasy". The Square Enix producer lets the tease loose in an interview with Edamame Arcade Channel, which you can watch in full above. So, what's happening with the beloved franchise next year? Well, we already know that Dissidia...

  • News Sony: We Announced Some PS4 Games Too Early

    Company candid about perceived errors

    Perhaps one of the most vocal criticisms aimed at Sony is that it announces games too early. While we’re yet to see any real big cancellations from the company since the heady days of The Getaway 3, it has been at the helm of some laughably late projects – the brilliant but embarrassingly overdue The Last...

  • Rumour Devil May Cry 5 Is Probably a PS4 Console Exclusive, Claims Updated Leak


    Yesterday, we reported on a supposed leak that appeared on gaming forum ResetEra. The poster claims that Devil May Cry 5 is in the works, and that it was due to appear at the PlayStation Experience next month. However, that plan was pushed aside, and it'll apparently be revealed next year instead. That same poster has now updated...

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    Review Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

    Carp diem

    You know Square Enix spent too much money making Final Fantasy XV when it releases a standalone angling spin-off for PlayStation VR. The Japanese company’s peculiarly malleable role-playing game has cast its net wide, but Monster of the Deep may just be its most successful diversion yet – even if there are inconsistencies in the...

  • News Jak & Daxter's PS4 Re-Releases Can't Be Too Far Away Now

    Team eco

    There’s no way around it: Sony’s PS2 Classics initiative has been embarrassing. While the ports are generally pretty good – complete with Trophy functionality, upscaling, and integration with the PlayStation 4’s operating system – they’ve been slow to release, and so many essentials from the last-last-gen console’s catalogue...

  • News Gang Beasts Drunkenly Lurches onto PS4 Next Month

    Just in time for Christmas

    Gang Beasts, which feels like it's been in development forever, at last has a firm release date. If you're looking forward to the colourful multiplayer brawler, you can begin scrapping with your buddies from 12th December - just two weeks from today. The title has been a mainstay at gaming shows for the last few years,...

  • News Thank God, Star Ocean: The Last Hope Has a Japanese Voice Option on PS4


    Good news for those of you who plan on picking up Star Ocean: The Last Hope on PlayStation 4: the game comes with optional Japanese audio. Why is that such a big deal, you may ask? Well, it's no secret that the English voices range from passable to downright abysmal. And when we say abysmal, we mean it -- it's truly terrible at times. If you...

  • Rumour Assassin's Creed Rogue Could Be Sailing to PS4

    Late to the party

    Assassin's Creed Rogue launched in late 2014, but despite the PlayStation 4 being a year old at that time, the swashbuckling adventure didn't make the jump to the next-gen console. Instead, it sat quietly on the PlayStation 3 as Sony's newer system received the shoddy Assassin's Creed Unity. In hindsight, that was a bit of a...

  • News Demon's Souls Servers Prepare to Die Next Year

    Going dark around the globe

    Update: Both Bandai Namco and Atlus have now confirmed that Demon’s Souls’ servers will be switched off in Europe and North America respectively on 28th February, meaning that the game’s days are numbered after nine years of life. As previously reported, you will still be able to play offline, though key...

  • Deals PS4 Pro Scores Another Temporary Price Drop in the UK

    Now almost £200 cheaper than Xbox One X

    We may get fleeced a lot of the time here in the UK, but at least our retailers are not afraid of slashing RRPs. All of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday tomfoolery is over, but that’s not stopped Amazon from plunging the price of the PlayStation 4 Pro to £259.99. This isn’t a bundle so you just get the...

  • Store Update 28th November 2017 (Europe)

    The last hope

    Is this finally a quiet week on the European PlayStation Store we see? It may well be! The heaviest hitter on this occasion is DOOM VFR, but there’s also the remastered Star Ocean: The Last Hope to sink your teeth into. PS4 Games: Rez Infinite 27th November Black Mirror 28th November Firefighters: Plant Fire Department 28th...

  • News Quantic Dream's David Cage Remembers 2012's Kara Tech Demo

    Becoming human

    All the way back in 2012, French developer Quantic Dream released a tech demo called Kara running in realtime on the PlayStation 3. It wasn’t a game back then: it was the Parisian studio showing what it could do with Sony’s hardware, but it would eventually form the foundations of Detroit: Become Human – the firm’s third...

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