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  • News Sony Surveying Gamers on the DualShock 4

    But to what end?

    There’s a really interesting survey that Sony’s sent out regarding the DualShock 4, asking all sorts of specific questions about the controller. We can confirm that (select) UK gamers have been invited to complete the questionnaire, but we’ve been unable to confirm whether the form has been shared with players in other...

  • Guide The Best PSVR Games

    Our favourite PlayStation VR titles to date

    PlayStation VR is now officially one year old, and what better way to celebrate the futuristic facemask’s first birthday than with a list of our ten favourite titles to date. This countdown was actually a lot harder to compile than you may expect, and that’s a testament to the sheer strength of the...

  • News PS4 Officially Drops to $199 for Black Friday Week

    PlayStation VR also down to $299

    The leaks teased it, but Sony has now confirmed it: the PlayStation 4 will be under $200 for Black Friday week. Starting 19th November through 27th November, you’ll be able to snag a 1TB PS4 Slim for just $199.99, while PlayStation VR bundles will start at $299.99. This is all while stocks last, of course, so...

  • Poll What Year Should Sony Launch the PS5?

    Next-gen predictions

    So, Ubisoft popped up earlier this week and said that it doesn't expect the next generation of consoles to launch for at least another couple of years. In other words, the company doesn't think that Sony is going to release the PS5 until late 2019 at the earliest. The publisher promises it doesn't have any inside knowledge...

  • News Sony Just Trademarked Syphon Filter for Some Reason

    Logan rocks

    Is stealth series Syphon Filter on the verge of a comeback? Probably not, but Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe did trademark the name this week. The registration doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a new game on the way, but the paperwork’s certainly going to arouse suspicion nonetheless. For those of you who don’t know,...

  • News Sony Extending PlayStation Plus Subs for Natural Disaster Victims

    Free service for those affected

    The world has been ravaged by a spate of natural disasters in recent weeks, and Sony is extending the PlayStation Plus subscriptions of those affected for free. Reports coming out of Texas and Florida reveal that the platform holder is adding a month of free service to users' accounts, making up for any lost gaming...

  • 5


    Review Hand of Fate 2

    Dealer's choice

    A mysterious dealer sits in a rickety wagon, casting your fate across the table in an ominous game of cards. He offers cryptic insight into the game itself while dictating your destiny as if it were preordained. This is the basic premise of Hand Of Fate, Defiant Development’s brawler cum tabletop RPG. The dealer presents your...

  • News EA Acquires Titanfall Developer Respawn Weeks After Shutting Visceral

    Acquisition fee could rise as high as $455 million

    Electronic Arts has acquired Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment for a fee which could rise as high as $455 million. The news comes just weeks after the publisher closed down Dead Space developer Visceral Games and handed its troubled Star Wars project to its EA Motive team. While both EA and...

  • News PS4 Pro Owners Are More Likely to Own PlayStation VR

    Headset's attach rate is quite high

    According to London Studio’s Stuart Whyte, speaking at Develop: VR earlier today, PlayStation 4 Pro owners are more likely to own a PlayStation VR headset than anyone else. This makes sense for a couple of reasons: virtual reality is actually improved quite profoundly on Sony’s supercharged hardware – and...

  • News PSVR Duo The Inpatient, Bravo Team Delayed into 2018

    Don't be impatient

    We rushed out our previews to get eyeballs on them ahead of impending reviews, but Supermassive Games’ duo of PlayStation VR games The Inpatient and Bravo Team have been delayed into 2018. Originally scheduled to release within the next three weeks, the Until Dawn prequel will now drop on 23rd January in North America and 24th...

  • News Far From Noise Is a Game About a Conversation in a Car on the Edge of a Cliff


    The best thing about the emergence of indie developers is that you end up with games like Far From Noise, a title which is all about a conversation you have in a car perched perilously on the edge of a cliff. It’s coming out on 14th November and it sounds wonderfully brilliant if the PlayStation Blog post is anything to go by. “Far from...

  • News High Speed Mech Shooter Project Nimbus Roars onto PS4 Later This Month

    Sooner than expected

    We first reported on Project Nimbus: Code Mirai during the Tokyo Game Show in September. The promising looking mecha dog fighter caught our eye with its frantic gameplay trailer, which showcased some seriously rapid action. The title was supposedly set for a 2018 launch, but as it turns out, it's actually coming to...

  • News Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Looks Like Good Co-Op Fun in New Boss Gameplay

    Team attack

    We've been saying for a while now that Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet looks like a step up over its predecessors. In particular, this new co-op gameplay from Japanese publication Dengeki looks like good fun as teams take on big boss enemies. Obviously we'll have to wait and see how well the gunplay and various other elements...

  • Guide Best PS4 Music of October 2017

    Push it to the limit

    As we start getting into the holiday season, the releases of big name games are ratcheting up as they do every year, which also means some major soundtracks are going to accompany these games. October offered a lot of quality music, most of it courtesy of the big budget stuff, but on any given month, if you dig deep enough, you...

  • News Destiny 2's Long Overdue HDR Patch Will Deploy Next Month

    Look at those colours

    A HDR patch for Destiny 2 has been promised for quite some time now, and thanks to the latest post over on Bungie's website, we now know when that will hit. The high-dynamic range patch will release alongside the Curse of Osiris DLC and the beginning of Season Two on 5th December. As well as that, the PS4 Pro will be treated...

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