News - 2017, Week 31

Sunday6th Aug 2017

  • News You Won't Be Able to Edit Your Imported Guardians in Destiny 2

    No haircuts allowed

    At the beginning of the month, Bungie migrated existing Destiny accounts over to Destiny 2 in preparation for the sequel's launch in September. Returning players can claim exclusive emblems and import their Guardian, or Guardians, from the first game. However, the developer has stated that it has no plans to allow for the...

  • Feature The Promising PS4 Games of August 2017

    Summer never ends

    Last week, the editorial staff here at Push Square sat down to work out our coverage schedule for August, and as we ran through the month's release dates, we couldn't quite believe our eyes. Usually, August is a relatively quiet summer month with most publishers gearing up for September and beyond. This year, however, August...

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    Review Patapon Remastered


    Patapon Remastered shares some of its DNA with two other re-released, obscure Japanese games from Sony. Like PaRappa the Rapper, its gameplay boils down to following the beat of the catchy music, and its cutesy vector art style is similar to LocoRoco. It does plenty to set itself apart, however, with a rhythm/strategy combination...

  • News Classic Dragon Quest Games Coming to PS4 in Japan

    Dragon warrior

    You can already play the original Dragon Quest for free on the PlayStation 4 by beating Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age and casting a spell to redeem it. However, publisher Square Enix will be bringing all three original entries to Sony’s new-gen console this August in Japan – and you’ll be able to purchase them...

  • News Dragon Quest Builders 2 Craftily Revealed for PS4

    Block buster

    We loved the original Dragon Quest Builders here at Push Square, so we’re excited to see a shock sequel announcement. At the Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 in Tokyo overnight, Square Enix revealed the next instalment in its Minecraft-inspired build-‘em-up for the PlayStation 4, which will boast all-new features like aquatic...

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  • News Dynasty Warriors 9 Won't Be a PS4 Exclusive in the West

    Koei Tecmo confirms

    Publisher Koei Tecmo has revealed that Dynasty Warriors 9 won't be a PlayStation 4 exclusive here in the West as it'll also be coming to Xbox One and Steam. Not the most exciting of stories for a PlayStation website, but we thought it was worth a mention. Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen the hack and slash title in...

  • News Fist-Bump Step-Douche in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Gameplay

    Shaka brah

    A big embargo has lifted on Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, meaning that you now need to make a moral decision of your own: do you watch it and potentially spoil some surprises or treat yourself ahead of the title’s 31st August launch? We skimmed through the video and caught a fist-bump bit – it’s nice to know new developer Deck...

  • News QUBE 2 Takes Shape on PS4 in Early 2018

    Be there, be square

    Shapely sci-fi puzzle sequel QUBE 2 will correct its spelling in early 2018 on the PlayStation 4, Brit-based developer Toxic Games has announced. Terrible name, guys – is that the best you could come up with? Really? The follow-up was originally due this summer, but is spending a little more time in shape school. Often...

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  • News Brazilian Ronaldo's Weird Wedge Haircut Will Be in FIFA 18

    Reverse receding hairline

    There are few things that this author remembers as a 13-year-old, but Ronaldo’s ridiculous haircut at the 2002 World Cup is one of them. Even non-football fans will be familiar with the wedge that he waltzed into the tournament sporting – it’s arguably one of the most iconic hairstyles in the sport, along with the...

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    Review CastleStorm VR

    Castle crashers

    Zen Studios must be contractually obliged to port CastleStorm to every viable platform, because it seems to get around like a king on a crusade. It’s a weird one because the game has never, in this author’s opinion, been all that exciting – but people must enjoy it otherwise it wouldn’t keep popping up like a bad smell...

Monday31st Jul 2017

  • Hands On Does LawBreakers Exert Its Own Pull in the Multiplayer Shooter Scene?

    Gravity kills

    There's not a single competitive shooter that can avoid the shadow that Overwatch has cast. As we were adjusting to the classes of Boss Key Production’s upcoming LawBreakers, we heard one of our friend’s remark, “Oh, the Battle Medic is a hybrid of Junkrat and Zenyatta.” At another point, we realised that one of the Titan...

  • UK Sales Charts Crash Bandicoot Can't Be Stopped At This Point

    Top of the charts again

    Ain’t no one getting in the way of the ‘coot, as Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has continued its N. Sane sales trajectory with a fourth week at number one in the UK sales charts. To be fair, there’s not much competition for the classic platformer at the moment, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the remake...

  • News Sony Confirms Dragon Quest XI Will Come to PS4 in the West

    Echoes of an elusive age

    Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age was confirmed for Western release last week without any platforms attached, but now Sony has uploaded the localisation’s announcement trailer confirming that it will launch on the PlayStation 4 on these shores. It’s hardly a surprise given the system’s install base, but it’s...

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    Review Leaving Lyndow

    Leave me alone

    Leaving Lyndow is less of a full-fledged game and more of a precursor to Eastshade Studios upcoming game, the aptly named Eastshade – it's a bit like what Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was to the Phantom Pain. This experience mainly exists to provide context to the full game coming at a later date, as well as serving...

  • Push Play Top of the PS4 Pops - Issue 4

    Surfin’ on a sound wave

    This year’s slate of releases has been a dream. But alongside many of these phenomenal games have been equally phenomenal soundtracks. And to be frank, we’re starting to get scared about that “soundtracks of the year” list come December. Between Persona 5 a few months back, Pyre this month, and Undertale next month,...