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Tuesday18th Apr 2017

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    Review Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

    High above the mucky muck

    The Wonder Boy series was one of the Master System's most beloved franchises, though its cult-classic status hasn't prevented it from falling by the wayside. A convoluted history, including a tangle of complications regarding the rights to the series, meant a comeback would be virtually impossible. In spite of this, a tiny...

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    Review Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

    Shiny happy people

    Life can sometimes feel like waiting for the proverbial bus. While everyone has been patiently anticipating Yooka-Laylee, it actually isn't the only colourful Kickstarter game to make its way to the PlayStation 4 this month: somewhat lesser known is Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom. This is an action role-playing game, but it's not...

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    Review Late Shift

    Minimum wage

    Towards the back end of last year, we were pleasantly surprised by a full-motion video game named The Bunker. The first of its kind on PlayStation 4, its story, characters, and acting performances were the driving factors in what was a short but sweet experience. Publisher Wales Interactive is now back with a second foray into the FMV...

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    Review The Disney Afternoon Collection

    The collection that flaps in the night

    The early-to-late nineties were a renaissance for Disney: the company was not only producing some of the most memorable and innovative films it would ever produce but also releasing spectacular original animated television series. Ducktales, Goof Troop, TaleSpin, Gargoyles, and Darkwing Duck were just some of...

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    Review Guardians of the Galaxy: Episode One - Tangled Up in Blue


    Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy seems to assume that you're already familiar with the titular team of loveable rogues after the success of the 2014 smash-hit movie of the same name, as there is very little in the way of introduction for any of the characters involved. This is simultaneously Episode One's greatest strength and greatness...

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Patch 1.13 Cleans Up Remaining Complaints

    Background music support incorporated

    One thing that's perhaps gone unmentioned with regards to Horizon: Zero Dawn is just how polished the experience was at launch. We reviewed the game using unpatched pre-release code – a rarity these days – and we didn't encounter any bugs, glitches, or meaningful gripes. When you consider that the open world...

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    Review The Inner World

    Outside help

    The Inner World is a fun and charming experience set in an imaginative world, but it's held back by a number of all too common flaws of the adventure game genre. You play as the naive Robert, an apprentice who has spent his whole life living in a castle under the watchful eye of Conroy, a wind monk in charge of ensuring wind continues...

  • UK Sales Charts Ghost Recon Returns As Persona 5 Disappears

    Atlus JRPG drops out of the Top 40 entirely

    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands reclaimed its place at the top of the UK sales charts this week, as stock issues caused Persona 5 to fall from the summit to outside the Top 40 entirely, which is the first time we've ever seen that happen. Talk about front-loaded! The top five was dominated by some...

  • News Bandai Namco Reveals New Action RPG from God Eater Team

    Prepare to dine

    You may have seen Bandai Namco released a teaser trailer for a new title last week, and now it's been officially announced as an action role-playing game named Code Vein, which is set to release on as of yet unspecified platforms. It's probably safe to assume that the PlayStation 4 will be one of the consoles that the title comes to...

  • News PlayStation VR Exclusive Farpoint Travels to a Mad, Mad World

    Sony's sci-fi shooter seems much deeper than expected

    We've played Farpoint a fair few times now and really enjoyed the PlayStation VR exclusive shooter, but we never really expected it to have much in the way of story. This new trailer has exceeded our expectations, then, as it sets the scene on a dangerous journey to a different planet. It's…...

  • News Travel Upstream with Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PS4 Gameplay

    Crash bash

    Activision's slowly pumping out plenty of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy gameplay footage, and it tends to look better with each new clip. This video focuses on the original's fifth level Upstream, and delves into some of the visual tells Vicarious Visions has implemented to help make the stage's platforming that bit more intuitive...

  • News Sony XDev Europe's Been Showing Shuhei Yoshida Secret Stuff

    And some things we know about

    It's around this time of the year that work likely starts in earnest for the impending E3 2017, and Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida is currently in the UK visiting some of the European studios. And according to Twitter scuttlebutt, he's spent the day at Sony XDev Europe, checking out some of the conduit...

  • News Sony's Bringing the 1TB PS4 Slim to the United States

    Small chassis, huge HDD

    It's been available in Europe for quite some time now, but Sony's announced that the 1TB PlayStation 4 Slim is launching in the United States this month. Obviously this is identical to the system already available in the US, it just comes with a bigger internal HDD and carries an MSRP of $299.99. There's more information on...

  • News The Warden Brings a Bloody Big Bear to Battle in The Elder Scrolls Online's New Trailer

    That's roar like it

    The Warden is The Elder Scrolls Online's first additional player class, and the range of abilities that they offer should make them an interesting choice in terms of gameplay. Of course, the headline act here is that they're able to summon a bunch of different beasts to aid them in combat, so expect to see Morrowind flooded with...

  • News Ghost Recon: Wildlands' Expansion Trailer Hits the Road

    Ghost busters

    Ghost Recon: Wildlands' first expansion, Narco Road, sees the rough and ready agents infiltrate a fresh part of the Santa Blanca cartel as they attempt to put a stop to an infamous drug smuggler. Pretty standard stuff for America's best, then. The downloadable content promises a suite of new missions, vehicles, and weaponry. The core...

Monday17th Apr 2017

  • News It's Hard to Believe Final Fantasy XII Is a PS2 Remaster

    Not Basch

    We recently put together a list of 41 PlayStation 2 Classics that must come to the PlayStation 4, but we excluded a handful of titles on the basis that they're already getting the remaster treatment. One such title is Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which originally released in 2006 – not that these screenshots suggest as much. To...

  • Hands On Behind the Wheel of Gran Turismo Sport

    On track?

    Are we allowed to write about this? Gran Turismo Sport's closed beta agreement terms specifically stipulate that the server stress test can't be talked about, but video platforms are filled with footage and public forums are chatting pretty openly about the racer. Hmm, for the purposes of this hands on preview, let's just pretend that...

  • News Sony to Shut Kill Strain Servers Less Than a Year After Launch

    Sports Champions, ModNation Racers, and more to also get the chop

    Call it a hunch, but we don't think Sony San Diego's asymmetric MOBA Kill Strain quite worked out as intended. You may recall the platform holder laying off the portion of the team that worked on the free-to-play foray last September, and now it's announced its intention to close the...

  • News Square Enix's Top Brass Becomes Bad Guy in NieR Automata DLC

    Plus, 2B's taking off most of her clothes

    NieR Automata is getting new downloadable content which will allow you to take on Square Enix's top brass. The publisher's President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda and Platinum Games gaffer Kenichi Sato will both appear in new Colosseums scheduled to launch on 2nd May in Japan (and later in the West) as part of the...

  • News Gravity Rush 2's Free 2B Costume Is NieRly Perfect

    YoRHa android now

    As promised, Sony has teamed up with Square Enix to add a 2B costume to Kat's wardrobe in Gravity Rush 2 – and the results are great. The mash-up with NieR Automata was announced as part of a commemoration stream in Japan overnight, and you can get a little glimpse of gameplay featuring the new threads

  • News New Hot Shots Golf Tees Off 31st August in Japan

    Fore the players

    Clap Hanz's long overdue persistent online arcade golf title New Hot Shots Golf will finally tee off on 31st August in Japan, publisher Sony has announced. The game – which has been in production since PlayStation Vita port Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational launched on the PlayStation 3 back in 2013 – is the most ambitious...