And this, we hate to say, is why Star Wars Battlefront II had microtransactions in it. EA has announced the first season of content for the first-person shooter, which will tie in to the release of The Last Jedi of course. Free for all players, the new content includes fresh single player story content, as well as maps, heroes, and more.

Already you can pick to join forces with the Resistance or the First Order. Over the course of the season you will fight for your favoured faction, and new challenges will earn you in-game rewards. Not only that but you’ll also be contributing to the wider performance of your team, with additional bonuses available to the winners.

Then on 13th December, both Finn and Phasma will be added as new playable heroes, while fresh Galactic Assault Map Crait will be accompanied by Starfighter Assault Map D’Qar. Tallie’s RZ-A2 A-Wing will be added as a playable vehicle, while Iden’s plot will continue as part of a story expansion named Resurrection.

That’s not all, though, as new challenges and playlists will be added right the way through Christmas and the New Year, all for free. So yeah, this is what the microtransaction model gets you: regular updates that don’t split the playerbase. Obviously EA’s still on the naughty step, but we reckon it’s important to look at the full picture here, too.

Would you rather pay $20 for all of this like the new Destiny add-on? There’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s an interesting conversation to have.