Bandai Namco has shared a few details following the big reveal trailer of SoulCalibur VI at The Game Awards last night. Posting on the official PlayStation Blog, community manager Isshak Ferdjani gives us a brief overview of what we can expect from the long awaited sequel.

For starters, yes, that is Mitsurugi, even though he looks a lot younger than he did in SoulCalibur V. The cast will feature both "new and returning fighters". The post continues, "SoulCalibur VI retains its 3D weapon-based fighting roots. The 8-Way Run movement system returns, allowing for smooth 3D movement."

However, it's quick to mention a whole new mechanic: Reversal Edge. "Reversal Edge allows characters to clash against each other and follow-up with a powerful counterattack based on their opponent’s actions," apparently. Sounds like some sort of rock-paper-scissors-style system?

The post concludes, "We’re returning back to the series’ roots and bringing it to the 21st century." We don't know about you, but returning to the series' roots seems like a good idea. SoulCalibur V was somewhat convoluted both in its story and its gameplay, so we'd like nothing more than to see Bandai Namco produce another classic like the timeless SoulCalibur II.

Are you ready for another tale of souls and swords? Pray your favourite fighter makes it into the roster in the comments section below.

[via blog.eu.playstation.com]