The Monster Hunter: World beta goes live this Saturday -- and you can pre-load it starting from midnight tonight, apparently -- on PlayStation 4 for PlayStation Plus members. But what's actually in the beta? Capcom's revealed its contents ahead of the big day, so let's quickly run through what you can expect.

For starters, the beta will feature two maps which house three different missions -- all of which can be played alone or with other players. You'll be able to explore, fight tough enemies, and generally just get a feel for the game.

The beta will also let you try out all 14 weapon types, so if you're not quite sure what kind of armament you want to use, this beta should help you decide. What's more, the training area will be made available in the beta, so you can hone your skills as much as you want.

Again, the beta begins on Saturday the 9th December, and lasts until Tuesday the 12th December. Are you looking forward to giving it a shot? Hunt some raging beasts in the comments section below.