Sony has never been afraid to try new things. Perhaps more than any other publisher, the platform holder is constantly re-inventing its lineup, ditching old brands and allowing new ones to take their place. And speaking in an interview with VG247, Worldwide Studios bigwig Michael Denny acknowledged that while new intellectual property is challenging, it’s something the organisation will always support.

"We’ll always back new IP," he started. "But what we’ll say is well, we’re going to be smart about how we develop those games and make sure we have a strong pre-production process and really prove out the key elements of those games along the way. But doing new IPs and trying to create new genres is something we’ll always back."

Denny touched briefly upon Horizon: Zero Dawn, and how pre-production on that project dating all the way back to the Killzone: Shadow Fall days allowed Guerrilla to come up with a very convincing pitch. "We could tell once we had it playable, once we had a solid vision for the open world, that it was going to be stunning and spectacular," he said.