Since its launch earlier in the year, Tekken 7 on PlayStation 4 has been criticised for the amount of input lag that it has. For those not familiar with the technical terms, this basically means that on Sony's system, your button inputs don't register quite as quickly as they do on other platforms -- namely PC. For some hardcore players, this has been a sticking point, especially when it comes to competitive and online matches.

Although it's just several frames of lag -- an amount that most, more casual players would likely never notice -- it continues to be a hot topic. Not too long ago, the developer did release an update that addressed the issue, but only to an extent. In other words, it's still not quite fixed.

However, director Katsuhiro Harada is promising future improvements. During the Tekken Tour World Finals yesterday, Harada appeared on stage and spoke openly about the situation, saying that with the help of Sony and the team behind the Unreal Engine, he hopes to reduce the lag further. Apparently, the developer is working on getting a patch out before the end of 2017, so you can probably expect to hear more within the next few weeks.

Has input lag impacted your enjoyment of Tekken 7? Are you glad that it's being looked at? Don't mash buttons in the comments section below.