What’s the December 2017 PlayStation Plus lineup? It’s a good question, and one that a significant number of people will find themselves pondering right about now. As we near the end of November, we’re lurching ever closer to the final PS Plus update of the year, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether the platform holder bows out with a bang – or merely a whimper. But first we must ask: what PS+ goodies are you hoping for?

When will December 2017’s free PlayStation Plus games be announced?

If all goes to plan, then we’ll find out about December 2017’s free PS Plus games on Wednesday, 29th November. Not long to wait now, then.

When will December 2017’s free PS Plus games be available to download?

Sony typically makes the free PlayStation Plus games available on the first Tuesday in every month, so in this instance we’re looking at Tuesday, 5th December.

What are December 2017’s free PlayStation Plus games?

We don’t know... Well, not yet anyway. As the last PS Plus update of the year, it would make sense for Sony to have something big lined up – especially seeing as a lot of subscriptions tend to lapse around this time of year, too. Given that we’re nearing Christmas, we’d quite like to see a co-op game of some kind – perhaps Overcooked, or something similar that can be played with family and friends. If the platform holder’s hoping to make a splash, though, we reckon that it’ll need to be accompanied by something meatier – how about Dragon Age: Inquisition or Dishonored: Definitive Edition? They’d be decent winter picks.

Which free December 2017 PS Plus games do you want?

Of course, this is where we turn the stage to you: which free December 2017 PlayStation Plus games are you after? Would you be happy with something co-op themed, or do you want a big single player game to tuck into over the holidays? Would you prefer something new – the day one indie titles have really dried up in recent years, haven’t they? Let us know.

Are there any good deals on PlayStation Plus subs?

There are, as it happens. Black Friday has seen Sony reduce the price of 12-month PS Plus memberships in Europe and North America, and you’ll find the best offers below – keep in mind it’s a temporary promotion, though.

So, what free December 2017 PS Plus games do you want? Try to be reasonable in the comments section below, and let us know.