Sony had the biggest Black Friday in PlayStation history, according to SIE exec Eric Lempel. Speaking with CNBC, the suit said that the organisation “sold more consoles than we ever have in our 22 year history” – despite the device largely selling out in the United States. Lempel added that additional purchases such as PlayStation Plus are driving huge profits for the manufacturer right now, and noted that the console business is alive and well.

“Going into this generation a lot of people were counting out the console business and saying it wasn’t going to work out,” he laughed. “But as you can see, the PS4 is thriving. Last month, Sony reported its earnings, and profits were up 346 per cent – the majority of that was fuelled by the PlayStation business. We’re having a phenomenal year, and the console business is doing great.”

Lempel also briefly touched upon PlayStation VR, but didn’t share any statistics: “Consumers absolutely love this product. The important thing is for people to try it; PlayStation VR is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. There’s a lot more to come. We’re seeing that customers love the big, immersive games […] but there’s a lot to come.” In the UK, affordable PSVR bundles helped the headset match its launch week sales during Black Friday.

Lempel didn’t explicitly reveal how many systems Sony sold, nor did he comment on its success relative to the competition. But when you’re making record setting pace four years into a generation and actually selling out, then it really doesn’t matter what’s going on elsewhere – the suits (and shareholders) will all be thrilled with this performance. And for the rest of us, it just means even more support for what’s now blossoming into one of Sony’s better consoles.