Bloody Black Friday, eh? Every year, retailers around the globe slash prices in the hope that the public will spend, spend, spend. As you'd expect, the games industry weighs in big on this day of discounts, with retailers shifting software, hardware, and everything in between -- but what do you make of Black Friday? We're here to find out.

Whether you love to sniff out a good deal or two or you simply couldn't care less, we want to know what you think of the year's biggest spending spree. Vote in our polls, and then feel free to brag about you buying habits in the comments section below.

What are your overall thoughts on Black Friday? (134 votes)

I love Black Friday, I snap up any bargains I see


Black Friday's fine, I take advantage if I see something I want


I think Black Friday's largely overrated


I have no interest in Black Friday at all


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Have you bought anything game-related in the Black Friday sales this year? (133 votes)

Yes, I've bought loads of stuff


Yeah, a few things here and there


Just one or two things


Nope, I haven't bought anything


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Do you tend to shop online or do you brave stores on Black Friday? (134 votes)

I find deals online


I hit the streets and check out stores


I do a bit of both


I don't get involved either way


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