If you're a veteran Destiny player, then you probably know of -- or you've at least heard of -- the infamous loot cave that players farmed for precious engrams in the first game. Back in the early days of the original Destiny, the loot system wasn't exactly rewarding, and in order to bypass the grind, many players took to standing in front of a specific cave and shooting constantly spawning enemies until the entrance of said cave was choked with engrams. Watching these gatherings of Guardians desperate for some quality loot was both hilarious and a bit sad, truth be told.

And now, the loot cave is back in Destiny 2. Kind of. With the game's faction rally ongoing, players are in need of tokens, and many have discovered that the best way to get these tokens is to cheese their way through a cave over and over again.

The cave in question is actually a Lost Sector named The Weep, which can be found in the European Dead Zone. Basically, you kill everything inside, loot the chest near the back, and return to the entrance. Once you're there, the chest will have respawned, so you run back inside and loot it again. You can do this as many times as you want, and you'll nab three tokens for each run.

No doubt Bungie will be looking into this exploit right now, so if you're a prime cheese lord, you'll want to make use of it sooner rather than later.

[via eurogamer.net]