Bloodborne’s most mysterious monster, believed by many to have been cut from the game entirely, has been discovered almost three years after the critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive’s release. The Flaming Undead Giant was first sighted at PlayStation Experience all the way back in 2014, but many assumed he had been removed from the game after he failed to show up in the final release.

However, new footage shows the fiery demon within one of the title’s randomly generated Chalice Dungeons. While it’s possible that other players may have stumbled upon the foe and failed to realise the relevance of his appearance, this is the first time that footage of the fight – outside of the aforementioned PSX panel – has been captured and uploaded online. An incredible feat.

The discovery, of course, raises a pertinent question: what else is hidden in Bloodborne, begging to be discovered? As one of the PS4’s best games, we’re sure that fans will continue searching – maybe there’s even a hint at that long-awaited sequel we’re all gagging for, eh?