Black Friday 2017 is past its sell by date, but the UK retail sector is extending the discounts for another 24 hours with Cyber Monday 2017 – the second of the two American-inspired November shopping holidays. Even though this is coming in the aftermath of last week’s cut-price bonanzas, don’t expect the deals to be any less enticing; you’ll find all of the best PS4 Cyber Monday 2017 deals in the UK below.

Best PS4 Cyber Monday 2017 Deals UK

Hardware Deals

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4K Televisions

PS4 Hardware Bundles

Game Deals

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Accessory Deals



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What Is Cyber Monday 2017?

Do you want the cynical answer or the cynical answer? Cyber Monday 2017 is essentially just an excuse for the Black Friday 2017 deals to last an extra day. Originally conceived by Internet-based retailers in order to have their own discount bonanza, pretty much all major chains have adopted the promotion, with many using the additional 24 hours to push any remaining stock from the festivities the week prior.

When Is Cyber Monday 2017?

Chances are if you’re reading this and it’s Monday, then it’s Cyber Monday 2017 right now. But just in case you’ve stumbled upon this page from the far-flung future, then Cyber Monday 2017 is scheduled to take place on 27th November, 2017.

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