The Evil Within 2 has just lurched onto PlayStation 4, and as always, Digital Foundry is first on the scene with a detailed technical analysis. Those of you who played the first game will no doubt recall that it had some pretty bad framerate issues, which, at points, could really damage the experience. Fortunately, the survival-horror sequel benefits from a much improved engine.

On a standard PS4, the title does drop a frame or two here and there, but it's never anything too distracting. Meanwhile, on the PS4 Pro, the game sticks to 30 frames-per-second quite comfortably. However, that's with the supercharged console's boost mode enabled.

Yep, you read that right: you need to use boost mode to get anything extra out of The Evil Within 2, which means that it doesn't officially support the PS4 Pro. This incredibly disappointing realisation puts a dampener on what the title's got right elsewhere -- a retail game like this should absolutely feature Pro support at launch. Here's hoping that there's a patch in the works.