The next game from Journey developer thatgamecompany will be exclusive to Apple devices. Sky was revealed for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV during the tech giant’s big briefing earlier today – and it sounds like it won’t be launching anywhere else for the foreseeable future.

The title looks gorgeous, as expected – but it does seem the teensiest bit derivative. Don’t get us wrong, thatgamecompany will always get our pulse racing, but seeing as this is a studio that went from flOw to flower to one of the greatest games of all time, it’s a bit strange to see it spend five years settling on what (on the surface, at least) appears to be the same thing.

We suppose once you’ve reached the top of the metaphorical mountain, there’s nowhere else to go. 

Update (19:30 BST): thatgamecompany has posted a Tweet with slightly different language to what was used on stage: "Sky is a multi-platform game about giving, first coming to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV," it said. Timed exclusive, then?