Heads up, all you eager Guardians: Destiny 2 will be going offline for scheduled maintenance later today. The timing isn't so bad if you're in North America, but those of us Europe won't be able to have a session until a bit later on in the evening.

From 07:00 Pacific (15:00 BST), you'll no longer be able to log in. And then, from 08:00 Pacific (16:00 BST), all players will be kicked from the game. The maintenance will come to an end at 11:00 Pacific (19:00 BST), so we're looking at around four or so hours of downtime.

Does the timing mess with your plans for playing Destiny 2 at all? Wait patiently in the comments section below.

Update: Damn and blast, Bungie says that the maintenance has been extended by an hour

Update #2: Oh dear, now Bungie's saying that the maintenance won't be complete for another two hours. That's 14:00 PDT, 22:00 BST.

Update #3: The maintenance is finally over, although Bungie says that players may still encounter queuing issues when trying to log in. 

[via bungie.net]