Sony’s outlined the full list of features that you can expect to find in PlayStation 4 firmware update v5.00, and it’s much the same as what leaked recently. To recap, the platform holder’s redesigning sub-accounts on the PlayStation Network to make it easier for adults to control what their children can and can’t see on the console.

It’s also adding in new language support, improving broadcasting features, and revising the Quick Menu so that you can access your Notifications without quitting your game. Other features that it’s adding include a new Friends List management tool which will allow you to create custom groups of buddies, and it’s also going to allow you to select your Notifications pop-up colour.

To be honest, there’s nothing really all that exciting here at all, so it’s definitely the weakest major PS4 firmware update that the console’s received since launch. But to be fair to the hardware it is in a very sturdy position already, and while there are certainly still some things that we want (system-wide supersampling on PS4 Pro, for example), that list is very small right now.

If you signed up for the beta and are accepted, you should receive an email today including instructions on how you can download and test out the new system software. Did you get in? What are your thoughts on these new features? Let us know in the comments section below.