Click through here and take a look at the August release schedule if you haven't already. It's ridiculous. But it wasn't always like this. Not all that long ago, the summer months used to be a guaranteed quiet period. The summer gaming drought was a very real thing, with most publishers opting to launch their titles either in spring or winter. These days, legitimately quiet months are becoming more and more of a rarity no matter what time of year it is.

And so we thought we'd go with a more general poll this Friday. Now that we're deep into what's turned out to be a busy summer, do you find yourself appreciating the fact that more games are choosing to release in June, July, and August? Vote in our polls, and then share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Are you a fan of more games launching in the summer? (129 votes)

Yes, you can never have too many games


Yeah, it allows other busy periods to breathe


Eh, I'm not bothered either way


Nah, I'd rather work through my gaming backlog during the summer


No, games should avoid the summer months


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Do you play games more during the summer months? (126 votes)

Yes, I like to stay inside and play games


Yep, I get time off school/college/university so I tend to play more games


The time of year doesn't matter, I'm always playing games


Nope, I use the time I get off school/college/university to do other things


No, I do less gaming during the summer


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